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• Vaccum Forming &  Packaging


  1. Vacuum Forming Tray: PVC,PS,PP,PET with or without antistatic.
  2. Secondary packing material:

    - Bubble Bag Cutsheet
    - Plain PE Bag Cutsheet
    - PU Foam Cutsheet
    - Carton Boxes
    - Corrugated Boxes

• Wire Harness Assy

  1. Semi Auto crimping machine
  2. Cutting & strip machine
  3. Products computer, Audio/ Video and general electrical appliances.


Because we can :

  • Minimize your investment in plant, equipment and personnel.
  • Reduce your material and inventory costs.
  • Utilize the contractor's expertise.
  • Achieve guaranteed quality and reliability of your product.

Because we are :

  • Maintain complete business integrity with our customer, suppliers and employees. 
  • Maintain a "Customer for life" attitude.
  • Extensive communication with our customer via email, telephones and face-to-face.
  • Focused on "Partnering Relationship"
  • Relieves from its customer the problem of managing technological complexity, representing a direct access to highly process/product engineering resources, as well as state-of the-art equipment.

7, Jalan Dewani 3, Off Jalan Tampoi,
K.P Dewani, 81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor D.T. , Malaysia.

TEL: 607-3316333
FAX: 607-3315442

Mr. Ong Kwee Beng

Regional and Global Office